Who is Mark Ling? The guy Behind AffiloJetpack 2.0

MarkLingIt was during his university years that Mark Ling began using the Internet to pursue his passions. At first, he created celebrity fan sites. However, after a while, he became immersed in the world of affiliate marketing. He has become quite successful, and he now has a reputation as being a great marketer. Part of the reason why he continues to move forward in this area is because he is not afraid to try out different things. He has worked with many different niches, including career counseling, online dating and even hairdressing! Mark has a lot to say about the topic of online marketing, but he stands out from his colleagues because he practices what he preaches. He is creative, and he always has something new to talk about.

Mark Ling’s Path to Success

Many online marketers simply choose one type of product and work with that almost exclusively. Mark is different because he has his hand in many different things. As a result, he has a number of websites that bring in significant income each and every day. In addition, he has affiliate marketing products that are quite lucrative as well. It is worth noting, however, that the membership site Affilorama.com has been crucial to his success and propelled him (and his name) to the top.



Mark Ling’s Products

affiloblueprintAffiloBlueprint is one of Mark Ling’s products. It helps users create affiliate websites that are lucrative but easy to set up. Mark has been involved in this area of business for more than ten years, and the course is something he worked very hard on. He put a lot of himself, as well as his own tips for success, into the program. He believes that everyone can succeed with AffiloBlueprint, even if they do not have a lot of background knowledge in the field. The list that follows reviews some of the topics that the course discusses.

AffiloBlueprint goes over how to select a niche that will make you money, how to come up with solid content and the best way to make your website attractive to the various search engines. It also talks about how to design the site, page monetization and how to create backlinks. Finally, among other things, the course also discusses how to add a newsletter and Google AdWords. The program itself takes around two months to complete, and it is geared to those new to the field.




Traffic-TravisAnother of Mark Ling’s products is Traffic Travis Review. This product has a number of search engine optimization tools, and these tools are current to today’s trends. Sales were slow going in the beginning, but the product soon had a number of favorable reviews, and that all turned around. Traffic Travis Review goes over certain laser targeted keywords, how to make good webpages, and how to keep up with your competition.

is a site for Internet marketers that need help learning how to make money with affiliate marketing. It is for members only. Mark wanted to try and find a way to help his colleagues, and




Affilorama was the result of that desire. Members have not been shy about commenting on the website, and there has been a positive response to the material that has been released. It seems as though there are quite a few members that make into the hundreds less than a month after gaining access to the site. As a result of this success, Affilorama is becoming well-known in the affiliate marketing circles.

affiloramaAffilorama has a lot of material available. There are a number of videos, for example. There is also information on how to market with pay per click campaigns, how to research good keywords, more about Google AdSense and even information on co-registration and Free Traffic Travis. The site is constantly evolving, so new content is added daily. In fact, in 2009, Mark released Affilorama Premium 2010, with even more information available to subscribers.





Mark Ling seems to truly care about his customers and wants to give back by providing quality content. If you want to learn more about affiliate and internet marketing, it is a good idea to watch out Mark Ling’s upcoming product AffiloJetpack 2.0 that will be relased on September 30th. If you are really interested to learn about affiliate marketing I would suggest to bookmark this site and stay tuned because this new affiliate marketing course and tool will really blow your mind.


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