Is AffiloJetPack 2.0 Worth Buying?

AffiloJetPack 2.0 claims to be an excellent way of making money online. Created by Mark Ling, this service seems to be the answer to the prayers of all internet marketers who want a bulletproof system of making money.


Let’s see what this program is all about:

Main Features

  • There are 18 niches available inside the program, users being offered the possibility to choose 5 of them.
  • Additionally, you are going to get access to a system that would enable you create a professionally looking WordPress website with as little as 3-4 clicks.
  • The program comes with a customized WordPress theme, AffiloTheme, which is already configured and optimized to work with the program.
  • There’s a built-in e-mail marketing system that allows you to send out over 100 emails in each of your chosen niches. Autoresponders are based on Fluttermail (which you don’t need to buy, if you don’t want to).
  • Additionally, you get 12 months of free hosting for one of your niches. This is going to save you a few bucks each month for the first year, giving you the chance of growing your business and gathering more customers.
  • All niches come with 20 well researched, professionally written articles to help you get started. They are going to be perfect for your websites.
  • This pack comes with 3 ebooks you can offer to your readers in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter. This is how you can increase the interest in your AffiloJetPack 2.0 websites and get more subscribers than other internet marketers.

Who Is This Program For?

Most people who start their online money making journey get overwhelmed by all the information they need to process and by all the details they need to take care of. Mark Ling himself has been in this situations, so he created AffiloJetPack with all beginners in mind. This is how you can avoid making the same mistakes he did when he first started his online career.

Buying articles online can be expensive, everyone knows that. With AffiloJetPack 2.0, you have this need covered, at least for a while. For each of your chosen niches, you are going to get 20 articles and 100 emails already written and ready to use. People could pay even more than $5,000 for such a package, so it is an important advantage of this program.

Thanks to this pack, beginners are going to find it easier to grow, as they won’t have to put a lot of time in creating compelling content for their websites. Since this system has already been proven to work, it can be an excellent shortcut to a profitable online business. You can use all the experience gathered by the author and put it to good use instead of learning and doing everything from scratch.

How Can It Be So Easy To Make Money With This System?

AffiloJetPack 2.0 is good because it allows beginner marketers to handle their website creation, email campaigns and newsletters just like professionals do. Affiliate marketing can be time consuming and expensive, so this pack is going to be helpful for all those who want to start their online business on a shoestring budget. Besides, all internet marketers know how painful learning by trial and error can be. It is possible that you score more errors than successful campaigns, so a help is definitely more than welcome. You can use Mark’s experience and build on it instead of repeating his early mistakes.

This deal can help you save both time and money. As these are among the most valuable resources, you can earn your investment back in a relatively short time. Starting your business is as easy as selecting your 5 niches and putting your sites online with a few clicks instead of spending many years trying to figure out on your own what works and what not. Mark Ling has an excellent reputation in his industry, so you can trust his advice as being professional and useful. He only speaks from his own experience. This makes the program almost a guarantee of your online success. Nonetheless, you should be aware that you are still going to need to do your part of the job, which is to grow your online business to the extent where it can secure you a bright future from a financial point of view.

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